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1987 Topps Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

4 May

4a Dave Lopes RB (RPD affecting the copyright line on back, several variants exist)

  • 4.1a 1985 Copyright on back **UNVERIFIED*
  • 4.2a 198? Copyright on back
  • 4.3a 1957 Copyright on back

4b Dave Lopes RB (correct)

92a Urbano Lugo (no TM on front)

92b Urbano Lugo (correct)

97a Glenn Wilson (incomplete circle around Phillies logo on front)

97b Glenn Wilson (correct)

99a Darryl Motley (RPD “NOW WI” on front

99b Darryl Motley (“NOW WITH BRAVES” on front)

104a Billy Sample (RPD missing border, upper left corner)

104b Billy Sample (correct)

128 Checklist (Woodgrain/Stain variations – four known)

170a Bo Jackson (RPD Missing top of R in FUTURE STARS on front)

170b Bo Jackson (correct)

191a Cardinals TL (black line through CAR on front)

191b Cardinals TL (correct)

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1990-91 NBA Hoops Errors & Variations Checklist

25 Apr

**I will be only listing E&V content here that is not already well-documented in the annual guides. For example, I will not list the Sam Vincent, Tom Hammonds, etc cards, only little-known, unlisted and under-represented variations**

**NPO Variations were NOT produced in equal quantities. Corrected versions of Ellison and Smith have been founbd in boxes with Ferry and Grant errors. Ellison correction appears to have been the earliest change**

**** = very scarce variation

67a Michael Jordan (missing black ink in Bulls logo on front) ****

67b Michael Jordan (faint, gray ink in Bulls logo on front)

67c Michael Jordan (corrected)

146a Ron Harper (prototype stamp on back bottom) ****

146b Ron Harper (pack issue, no stamp)

166a Tellis Frank (ghost position – barely visible on front – RPD) ****

166b Tellis Frank (corrected)

246a Terry Porter (no NBA logo on back) **UNVERIFIED** (one existing image on site with known photoshopped variation images – please email if you have a scan)

246b Terry Porter (corrected)

284a Sedalle Threatt (prototype stamp on back bottom) ****

284b Sedalle Threatt (pack issue, no stamp)

336a Danny Ferry (too little data will update when more info comes)

336b Danny Ferry (corrected)

342a Detroit Pistons Back to Back (no NBA Hoops logo on front) **UNVERIFIED** 

342b Detroit Pistons Back to Back (corrected/logo on front)

406a Danny Ferry (no position on front) ****

406b Danny Ferry (faint position on front)

406c Danny Ferry (corrected)

410a Mike Dunleavy (position printed low beneath name)

410b Mike Dunleavy (position printed close to name)

414a Kenny Smith (no position on front) ****

414b Kenny Smith (corrected)

415a Sam Perkins (position printed low beneath name)

415b Sam Perkins (position printed close to name)

421a Greg Grant (no position on front) ****

421b Greg Grant (corrected)

428a Bobby Hansen (position printed low beneath name)

428b Bobby Hansen (position printed close to name)

431a Bill Wennington (position printed low beneath name)

431b Bill Wennington (position printed close to name)

433a David Greenwood (position printed low beneath name)

433b David Greenwood (position printed close to name)

435a Sidney Green (position printed low beneath name)

435b Sidney Green (position printed close to name)

437a Jeff Malone (position printed low beneath name)

437b Jeff Malone (position printed close to name)

438a Pervis Ellison (no position on front) ****

438b Pervis Ellison (corrected)

440a Checklist (too little data will update when more info comes)

440b Checklist



1990 Score Rookie & Traded Errors & Variations Checklist

25 Apr

1T Dave Winfield (promo)

1T Dave Winfield (set issue)

2T Kevin Bass (missing F in RF on front)

2T Kevin Bass (correct)

100T Eric Lindros (yellow front – no orange) **UNVERIFIED**

100T Eric Lindros (correct)

109T Terry Shumpert (promo)

109T Terry Shumpert (set issue)

110T Steve Avery (promo)

110T Steve Avery (set issue)


1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

5 Jan
(SP) Extremely scarce, very low print run.
(R) Rare, very early or very late print.
(U) Uncommon, tougher version to locate.
(RPD) Recurring print defect, usually quite scarce.
1a Brett Hull (Promo – light color/design changes, blue line at top right)
1aa Brett Hull (Promo – light color/design changes, no blue line at top right)(SP)
1b Ray Bourque (spelled ‘Borque’)
1c Ray Bourque (spelled ‘Bourque’)
1d Ray Bourque (spelled ‘Borqu’ due to excess black ink in name wedge)(RPD)
7a Gary Galley (spelled ‘Garry’)
7b Gary Galley (corrected)(U)
10a Andy Moog (black diagonal line from G on front)(U)
10b Andy Moog (corrected, line airbrushed away)
17a Dave Andreychuck (Arniel photo on back)
17b Dave Andreychuck (corrected)
18a Scott Arniel (Andreychuck photo on back)
18b Scott Arniel (Andreychuck photo on back, 6 in trade stripe partially obscured)(U)
18c Scott Arniel (corrected)
21a Phil Housley (No trade stripe) UNCONFIRMED
21b Phil Housley (Trade stripe)
36a Brian MacLellan (full green blotching over face)(R)
36b Brian MacLellan (partial green blotching over face)(R)
36c Brian MacLellan (face correctly printed)
39a Brad McCrimmon (#39 on front, Trade stripe)
39a Brad McCrimmon (#4 on front, Trade stripe)(U)
39c Brad McCrimmon (#39 on front, No trade stripe) UNCONFIRMED

UPDATED: 1990 Pro Set Error & Variation Master List

18 Dec

More than 50 new additions have been made to the . I will continue to add more as time permits. I know there are many more that have shown up over the last two years that need to be added.

If you have any additions that you feel should be added, please post them in the comments section here or in the original 1990 Pro Set Errors & Variations Master Set Checklist blog.

The following items will not be added to the Master Checklist:

-The printer’s scrap cards that have flooded eBay the last few months. This includes the blacked-out cards, smeared, miscut fronts/wrongbacks, errant color tone, smudged, etc. These cards are printer’s waste and were NOT pack-issued or meant for distribution. They were cut from sheets pulled from garbage bins. While really fun to look at and collect, they should not be considered essential to a master set.

Wrong front/back cards. Again, these are really cool but are seldom found pack-issued and were usually cut from sheets found in the trash, making their way into the market illegally.


Draft Day blank back/front proofs. Great, recent discovery variant proofs for Jeff George and Keith McCants draft day subset but not pack-issued or legally distributed.

1991 Topps A*B* Sheet Code Variations: Ongoing Checklist

28 Oct
This impressive look at 1991 Topps A*B* variations comes courtesy of JunkWaxGems contributor, Eric, a fellow E&V collector with an impressive collection:

“As if 1991 Topps has not already confounded collectors enough with its broad range of errors, variations, and printing oddities, one print variation may even eclipse the tough-to-find Mark Whiten, Drabek and Hoiles errors in scarcity.

It is well known that the backs of some 1991 Topps cards were printed with both a bold red 40th Anniversary” design behind the player stats and a more faded version that makes the card back easier to read.  All cards that were printed on the A* and B* sheets can be found with both bold and faded backs.  However, some of the cards from that A* sheet can also be found with an A*B* print designation at the bottom of the back of the card. 

This variation has ONLY been seen on cards with the bold “40th Anniversary” back and any cards with this variation have proven to be incredibly scarce.  In fact, these cards are so rare that it has been difficult to compile a complete listing.

The following 1991 Topps cards are presently known to be available with the A*B* print designation, although it is possible that other cards from the A* sheet are also available with the A*B* designation:

#13 – Mariano Duncan
#54 – Gary Mielke
#63 – Milt Thompson
#72 – Junior Ortiz
#76 – Jerry Browne
#83 – Daryl Boston
#120 – Joe Carter
#123 – Greg Harris
#153 – Bryan Harvey
#155 – Dwight Evans (error version only)
#170 – Carlton Fisk
#177 – Reggie Harris
#178 – Dave Valle
#190 – Matt Williams
#192 – Rob Deer
#193 – Felix Fermin
#213 – Frank Wills
#216 – Greg Gagne

1994 Topps Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

15 Oct

78a Mel Rojas With print code on back

78b Mel Rojas Without print code on back

79a OF Prospects Clouds visible through shadow inset boxes

79b OF Prospects Solid black shadow inset boxes

109a Delino Deshields Red ‘Expos’ and ‘2b’ on front

109b Delino Deshields Yellow ‘Expos’ and ‘2b’ on front

134a Greg Colbrunn With print code on back

134b Greg Colbrunn Without print code on back

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