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Quick Look: 1995 Fleer Derek Jeter ERROR. Great ‘Under the radar’ early card of the Yankee captain!

18 May

I’m not quite sure when this variety was discovered but I do know that the majority of post 1991, non-Topps-issued variations are the middle children of the error card family. Doesn’t matter who they depict or how rare they are, they just don’t seem to warrant that “must have” feeling among variation collectors. My first in a short sub-series of posts focusing on mid-to-late 1990’s variations should challenge that idea as it goes to an early card of New York Yankees captain, Derek Jeter.

Jeter’s 1995 Fleer Major League Prospects insert -his first fleer issue or ‘FFC’ for those that still care about that sort of thing- can be found with or without Fleer’s copyright info and MLB logos on back. Unfortunately, I don’t have a large enough sampling to gauge the scarcity of either type, though, I’ve only seen 2 copies of the missing info version to about a dozen or so of the corrected type.

New 1991 Upper Deck hologram variation discovered! That’s 5 different types now!

18 May

This weekend I came across a small collection of Nolan Ryan stuff. Mainly just base junk with some oddball sprinkled in, but as always, I flipped over the 1991 Upper Decks included, to see if any of the rarer hologram types were printed on back.This time it was a hologram that looked familiar but didn’t fit any of the 4 known types. It turns out, its the hologram UD used for it’s 1990-issued, Comic Ball 1 set. Keep in mind that these variations scan terribly, but in person are easily recognizable:

Ughh. Those scans are awful, but the best I can get for the time being. The actual pattern is what appears to be a series of trophies, the words “upper deck” and “90.” And the Comic Ball set is the only UD issue that I could find matching this. Pretty fitting that I find this variety on a Nolan Ryan card when he would eventually become a spokesman for the Comic Ball line in 1991.

To recap the already-known hologram varieties (see my in-depth, previous blog on them for details):

-1990 MLB type: This hologram is the exact same one used on UD’s 1990 cards. A pattern of baseballs shows up when held under the light.

-1990-91 NHL type: This hologram has a crossed hockey sticks and ’90-91′ pattern if held under the light.

-1991 MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL type: This hologram is the most common, and shows a pattern of ‘1991 Upper Deck’ when held under a light source.

-1992 MLB type: This hologram depicts a pattern of UD’s diamond-logo and is commonly found on most 1992 issued card sets. Funny that these were being found on 1991 cards!