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1994 Topps Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

15 Oct

78a Mel Rojas With print code on back

78b Mel Rojas Without print code on back

79a OF Prospects Clouds visible through shadow inset boxes

79b OF Prospects Solid black shadow inset boxes

109a Delino Deshields Red ‘Expos’ and ‘2b’ on front

109b Delino Deshields Yellow ‘Expos’ and ‘2b’ on front

134a Greg Colbrunn With print code on back

134b Greg Colbrunn Without print code on back

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1994 Topps Sheet Code Variations – Complete A/B Variations Checklist (132)

8 Oct

Continuing on with my recent spotlighting of post-prime junk era variations (mid 90s and on), here is a look at a recently discovered (2007-ish) variation affecting a previously unknown number of 1994 Topps subjects. 132 of the series one base cards are commonly found without a print code on back – very common for this set, however, each of these subjects also exist with the the much rarer A or B code on back (66 As and 66 Bs).

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Quick look: 1994 Topps Delino DeShields #102

19 Dec

With the exception of a few variations here and there, 1994 Topps is the last set to fix a handful of it’s mistakes. The most prominant one being #102 Delino DeShields. He can be found with his name and position in either red or yellow on front. A nice reminder of the 1969 Topps name variations.