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Quick Look: 1989 Bowman Textured TV Variations

7 Oct

Since I just recently located one of these, I figured it worth a ‘Quick Look.’ First cataloged by Dick Gilkeson in his 1990 Errors & Variations guide, the Father and Sons subset cards from the return-issue of the Bowman brand can be found in two distinct varieties: One showing a texture to the television set and the other showing a smooth t.v. set. So far, I’ve only come across a handful of examples of each the Griffeys and Ripkens, but have yet to find a Stottlemyres or Alomars “textured” example.

1989 Topps Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

23 Jun

27a Orestes Destrade E*F* before copyright*

27b Orestes Destrade F* before copyright

*Some copies have been found with solid black name/team banner – printing flaw*

62a Alfredo Griffin red bar over photo in top right border

62b Alfredo Griffin red bar partially airbrushed

62c Alfredo Griffin red bar removed entirely

70a Mark McGwire thin red line through left of name banner (above M in MARK)

70b Mark McGwire thin red line removed

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