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1987 Topps Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

4 May

4a Dave Lopes RB (RPD affecting the copyright line on back, several variants exist)

  • 4.1a 1985 Copyright on back **UNVERIFIED*
  • 4.2a 198? Copyright on back
  • 4.3a 1957 Copyright on back

4b Dave Lopes RB (correct)

92a Urbano Lugo (no TM on front)

92b Urbano Lugo (correct)

97a Glenn Wilson (incomplete circle around Phillies logo on front)

97b Glenn Wilson (correct)

99a Darryl Motley (RPD “NOW WI” on front

99b Darryl Motley (“NOW WITH BRAVES” on front)

104a Billy Sample (RPD missing border, upper left corner)

104b Billy Sample (correct)

128 Checklist (Woodgrain/Stain variations – four known)

170a Bo Jackson (RPD Missing top of R in FUTURE STARS on front)

170b Bo Jackson (correct)

191a Cardinals TL (black line through CAR on front)

191b Cardinals TL (correct)

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