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1988 Donruss Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

23 Jun

32a Nelson Liriano Face clearly visible, no shadowing effect

32b Nelson Liriano Face airbrushed/edited almost solid black

100a Checklist 28-137

100b Checklist 28-247

108a Ray Knight black “scar” on neck, ends at jaw line

108b Ray Knight black “scar” on neck, extends further up neck

108c Ray Knight white airbrushed “scar” line on neck

108d Ray Knight no scar on neck

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Protected: 1990 Fleer Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

22 Jun

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1991 Pro Set Football Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

22 Jun

* Key:

***** = rarest known variations

**** = very scarce variations

*** = tough to find variations due to early or late printings

** = slightly tougher than most variations


1D Mark Carrier ROY

1O Emmitt Smith ROY

1Op Emmitt Smith ROY promotional sample text on back (National) *****

2 Does Not Exist

4-26a LL Subset with cream-colored square/box around text

4-26b LL Subset with green tinted square/box around text **

5a Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (gray square behind text)****

5b Mike Singletary MOY 3-D hologram prototype *****

5c Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (cream-colored square behind text)

6a Bruce Smith LL light grey square behind text ****

6b Bruce Smith LL cream-colored or yellow square behind text

8a Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo

8b Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, registration symbol present ****

8c Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, reg symbol removed, “ghost” of NFLPA logo partially visible ***

8d Jim Kelly LL NLFPA logo entirely removed, no trace remaining

12a Jay Novacek LL Stat headings partially obscured ****

12b Jay Novacek LL Stat headings printed correctly

19a Derrick Thomas LL Bills helmet on front ***

19b Derrick Thomas LL Chiefs helmet on front

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1990 Topps Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

20 Jun

14a Mike Fetters (with splotch on jersey missing black ink)

14b Mike Fetters (with airbrushed splotch on jersey)

14c Mike Fetters (with solid, correctly-printed jersey, no sign of splotch)

44a Roger Salkeld (with black ink missing at bottom left of card)

44b Roger Salkeld (correctly printed)

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New Blog Feature: Ongoing Checklists

20 Jun

One feature I’ve been meaning to work into the blog for at least a year now, is an ongoing checklist category. Essentially, it will be a “living” checklist of featured sets that will be added to as new variations are found. I will continue to update the posts in the same way I continue to add to the 1990 Pro Set Master Set Checklist post. This will hopefully function as a valuable source of information for junk era set completion.

Suggestions, new info and comments are very welcome with this, but keep in mind that wrong backs, blank backs/fronts and missing foil errors will not make the cut beyond an occasional note of “such and such printing flaws are very common in this issue” etc.

Also, I may note when a particular variation is exceptionally rare or seldom (or never) offered for sale, but I would rather not receive a bunch of “value” or “worth” requests of such cards or “how much will you pay for this” type comments. Mainly because the E&V market tends to fluctuate dramatically on a weekly basis. The lack of catalog info on many variations tends to create a hesitant buying market. One of the key goals of this blog is to provide and share information on variations and to eventually get many of these variations properly cataloged in future annual guides.

1990 Bowman Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

30 Jan

Here is a rundown of every variation I have found to date for 1990 Bowman Baseball. A great set, as outlined in a previous blog, is loaded with Hall-Of-Famers, key rookie cards and for many, it started off their prospecting days. For the variation collector, this set is loaded!

#29 Mark Grace with black line on hand and line airbrushed

#34 Earl Cunningham with * next to text on back and with * airbrushed away

#66 Danny Darwin night background and day background

#78 Craig Biggio with night background and day background

#100 Hubie Brooks with natural jersey and airbrushed white jersey

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