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Quick Look: 1992-93 Fleer Jon Koncak #4 Variations

18 Jun

1992-93 Fleer Basketball is not widely known for error and variation cards and that’s probably due to the fact that only one card from that set has turned up in two different varieties: Card #4 of Atlanta Hawks center Jon Koncak was printed with two different photos on back. Unfortunately, I’ve got zero info on why Fleer chose to change the photo or which one came first, however, the “shooting” image is also the image used for the front of the card.

Quick Look: 1991-92 Fleer All-Star Pink & Yellow Variations

8 Jun

1991-92 Fleer Basketball is not a set that I’ve devoted much time to, but I recently purchased a 3200 count box in effort to find a mint Larry Johnson rookie (yeah, I know). While sorting through the cards, I found a large chunk of the series 1 All-Star issues and noticed that several can be found in two varieties: 1st variety has a pink background behind the text on back (common), the 2nd variety has a yellow background behind the text on back (scarcer). As of this post, I have not been able to confirm that every player is affected by this variation.