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1990 Topps Jeff King “No White On Back” and Why it Doesn’t Belong in the Big Books!

4 Nov

For less than a decade now, the Sports Collectors Digest has listed a major variation within the 1990 Topps set. Just recently, it’s catalog price has jumped up near Frank Thomas NNOF range, funny, considering zero copies have ever come up for sale! In fact, only one or two copies have been confirmed to even exist. Rare right?

I’m talking about card number 454 Jeff King. Yeah, the former #1 overall pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates and later, Kansas City Royals fame. Jeff’s card can be found with a solid, yellow and black cardback, meaning the cardboard colored areas (bio, border design, etc) typical on the reverses of 1990 Topps are inked over in yellow. Below is the only-known pic out there (as of today!) and the only confirmed copy I know of, however, Bob Lemke of SCD stands by them having recieved more than one submitted to them while editor of the big book.

This card, rather it’s catalog-worthy status is irksome to say the least. Collectors, especially those with error and variation focused collections as well as the powers-that-be of the industry, Beckett and SCD, have long held the “rule” that most printing flaws, especially ink-run types, are not considered true variations. This rule of course, has it’s many, many exceptions (Frank Thomas NNOF or 1986 Topps Roger Clemens “Blue Streak” for fresh examples), which is frustrating enough because by cataloging these entries as variations, they become must-have for the completists out there. These books lend a lot of legitimacy to which variations they decide to recognize.

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Quick Look: 1987 Topps Turn Back the Clock Yellow Date Variations

17 Mar

One of the rarer and more interesting variations that can be found in 1987 Topps, are the Turn Back the Clock subset cards showing a yellow, rather than white, date in the bottom right corner. Only a handful of these have shown up over the years and are only cataloged (or even mentioned) in the 1990-1991 Dick Gilkeson Error & Variation guides. Although all 5 subjects are listed as having this variation, I can only account for Reggie Jackson (5 times over), Roberto Clemente (1 copy), and Rickey Henderson (1 copy), meaning that I have yet to a Carl Yazstrzemski or Maury Wills at this point.

I find these especially interesting since they harken back to the 1957 and 1969 Topps yellow/white variations. Considering how many 1987 Topps cards were produced, these yellow date varieties a true needle-in-a-haystack find.