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Quick Look: 1993 Topps Black Gold Foil Variations

7 Oct

Her is a little-known variation that affects one of the few inserts sets from 1993 to retain and even grow in popularity. In 1993, Topps included a special insert called Black Gold featuring 44 of the biggest players at the time. Collector’s could find one of these every other box or so, but on occasion, they could also find “Winner” redemption cards for sets of 11, 22 or all 44 of the cards, since these cards are so popular with player-collectors, the 44 card winner redemption has greatly appreciated in value over the years. Along with the already-documented “switched backs” errors, a blog for another day, a variation in the foil used on these cards can be found.

Most commonly the cards use a holographic gold foil, however, a small sampling of them feature a non-holographic, simple gold foil treatment. In my years of knowing about these cards, I’ve only encountered a handful of examples. Unfortunately, not a single copy of my player, recently-appointed manager of the Chicago White Sox, Robin Ventura.

Quick Look: 1993 Topps Albert Belle #635 Variations

4 Jun

Another interesting variation has popped up in the 1993 Topps set. While I am certain that many Albert Belle and Cleveland Indians collectors have noticed this error for some time, it may be relatively recent that a correction attempt has surfaced. Albert “Don’t call me Joey” Belle’s card has a glaring design error on the card front: It’s banners are green instead of the correct, blue, like the other Indians players.

Check out the card on the right. After breaking 2 1993 Topps factory sets, I have found a copy of this “gray banner” version in each. Methinks that this was Topps’ way of fixing the Belle mistake. Subsequent 1993 Topps Series 2 boxes I ripped open yielded more of the “green banner” versions. While it’s not Pancho Herrer rare, its still a tough single to come by without breaking down a set.

I will continue to post about 1993 Topps variations as more surface.