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1992 Topps Blackless (Missing Ink) Variations

29 Mar

A recent trip to the card shop in search of some junk boxes yielded one1992 Topps Wax Box and one 1997 Score Hobby Reserve Box (complete waste of money). The Topps box was quite a score because almost every other pack had two Match The Stats game cards, which were the primary reason for the purchase. But in the last quarter of packs, these two cards popped out:

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Quick Look: 1992 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. #40 Variations

7 Jun

One of the lesser-known variations in 1992 Topps, a set that has had little investigation into it’s varieties, is the base card of Orioles legend, Cal Ripken Jr. #40. A card that’s already iconic, for it’s use of the famous photograph of Cal standing next to Gehrig’s Yankee Stadium plaque.

What many collectors do not know, however, is that it can be found in two varieties: The first version, which appears to be more common, has the “team bar” on front in a dark orange, almost brown, color. The second version, which seems slightly scarcer, has the “team bar” on front, correctly printed in black.