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1991 Pro Set Football Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

22 Jun

* Key:

***** = rarest known variations

**** = very scarce variations

*** = tough to find variations due to early or late printings

** = slightly tougher than most variations


1D Mark Carrier ROY

1O Emmitt Smith ROY

1Op Emmitt Smith ROY promotional sample text on back (National) *****

2 Does Not Exist

4-26a LL Subset with cream-colored square/box around text

4-26b LL Subset with green tinted square/box around text **

5a Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (gray square behind text)****

5b Mike Singletary MOY 3-D hologram prototype *****

5c Mike Singletary MOY Pack-issued type (cream-colored square behind text)

6a Bruce Smith LL light grey square behind text ****

6b Bruce Smith LL cream-colored or yellow square behind text

8a Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo

8b Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, registration symbol present ****

8c Jim Kelly LL NFLPA logo removed, reg symbol removed, “ghost” of NFLPA logo partially visible ***

8d Jim Kelly LL NLFPA logo entirely removed, no trace remaining

12a Jay Novacek LL Stat headings partially obscured ****

12b Jay Novacek LL Stat headings printed correctly

19a Derrick Thomas LL Bills helmet on front ***

19b Derrick Thomas LL Chiefs helmet on front

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Quick Look: 1991 Pro Set Mike Prior #529A “Missing Text”

1 Feb

1991 Pro Set is not quite the variation wonderland that 1990 is, but there are a handful of tough error cards throughout the set worth spotlighting. One of the few known varieties from series 2, affects two Indianapolis Colts players: #523 Chip Banks and #529 Mike Prior, both can be found with or without their text or back.

Initially upon release, I recall finding a handful of these, however, they seem to have dried upĀ  as they now show up only once or twice a year and usually command a high premium. Here is an example of the text-less variation: