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Quick Look: 1990-91 Score All-Star Variations

26 Jan

Nothing major here, but since the set features several Hall-Of-Famers and highly-collected players, here’s a look at the two varieties that can be found in the All-Star subset of Score’s inaugural NHL issue:

A. LIGHT BLUE line on back, over text.

B. DARK BLUE line on back, over text.

Quick look: 1990-91 Score Mike Modano ART #327

18 Dec

Score’s entry into the hockey card market was celebrated at the time by it’s inclusion of young phenom Eric Lindros. The 1990-91 set is also one of those products that, much like 1990 Pro Set, I consumed like oxygen – opening packs as often as possible. A fun set to revist now since it’s loaded with errors and mysterious cards like the Mogilny “defected”  variation (stay tuned for a blog on that). But one of the big variations happened to affect the rookie card, or rookie-year card of future Hall-of-Famer, Mike Modano.  Check out the 2 versions of his ‘All-Rookie-Team’ subset card: