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Cards you’ve never seen: 1989 Pro Set James Jefferson #539C W/ Scouting Photo On Front

6 Jun

If you own a copy of the great 1991 Pro Set NFL Collectible Book, not only do you own a cool set in the 9-card Cinderella Story inserts, but you get to catch the lone glimpse of a variation that has probably never reached the hands of any collector.

James Jefferson’ 1989 Pro Set card #539 already comes in 2 types: with and without the ‘Pro Set Prospect’ banner on front. Both are fairly common and we’ve all seen them any number of times. This mysterious third variety appears in the book:

The card pictured above, is actually the image cut from the page in the 1991 Pro Set retrospective book. For whatever reason, maybe just to drive Pro Set collectors even crazier, they used this picture. Pro Set seemed to like their variations to come in 3 or more types. The Riggs, McMahon, Byner and Gizmo Williams cards all attest to this. If this card actually exists, it has to be one of the rarest Pro Set cards produced to have remained hidden all of these years.