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Quick Look: 1988 Donruss Ray Knight “Scar” Variations

16 Jan

Pictured below is a card that had eluded me for a few years. In fact, the first time I saw it, I figured it was just a short-run (or “one-time”) printing flaw, but a few of them recently found their way into my collection via a thrift store junk box of 1988 Donruss commons. As of today, I can confirm 4 different versions of this odd printing flaw/plate error.

1. Blue, ballpoint-pen-looking “scar” along throat, curls into jaw line (pictured).

2. Blue, ballpoint-pen-looking “scar” along throat, stops at jaw line (pictured).

3. White, edited or airbrushed “scar” along throat, stops at jaw line (not pictured).

4. No visible trace of “scar” on neck (pictured).