1988 Donruss Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

23 Jun

32a Nelson Liriano Face clearly visible, no shadowing effect

32b Nelson Liriano Face airbrushed/edited almost solid black

100a Checklist 28-137

100b Checklist 28-247

108a Ray Knight black “scar” on neck, ends at jaw line

108b Ray Knight black “scar” on neck, extends further up neck

108c Ray Knight white airbrushed “scar” line on neck

108d Ray Knight no scar on neck

200a Checklist 138-247

200b Checklist 134-239

300a Checklist 248-357

300b Checklist 240-345

400a Checklist 358-467

400b Checklist 346-451

500a Checklist 468-577

500b Checklist 452-557

543a Jim Morrison 264 AVG missing decimal point

543b Jim Morrison .264 AVG

600a Checklist 578-BC26

600b Checklist 558-660

625a Ripken Family Bold, thicker black font on back

625b Ripken Family Normal sized black font on back

*Most, not all, cards from factory sets have different border orientations than their wax/rack counterparts.

**Most, possibly all, cards from factory sets have a slightly different orientation in their resume text on back.

***Several cards, specifically of Tigers, Mets and Blue Jays players, can be found with the registration symbol or trademark partially or completely missing. As many as three types may affect a specific card.


2 Responses to “1988 Donruss Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist”

  1. richtree September 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I did some work on the Ray Knight Scar Variations — take a look here:


  2. Jason Presley September 11, 2014 at 7:57 pm #

    Has anyone ever worked out the distribution of the copyright and denotes variations? I just did a quick scan of eBay and found all these different types of cases (sorted by UPC):

    wax case (20 boxes/720 packs (36@)) UPC 10700-82500

    rack case (72 packs) UPC 10700-82502

    wax display case (2 displays/432 packs (216@)) UPC 10700-82504

    wax case (10 boxes/360 packs (36@)) UPC 10700-82507

    blister case (48 packs) flat red lettered box UPC 10700-82509-20

    blister case (48 packs) tall blue lettered box UPC 10700-82510

    cello case (12 boxes/288 packs (24@)) UPC 10700-82520

    cello case (12 boxes/288 packs (24@)) flat box UPC 10700-82521

    cello case (6 shelf extenders/300 packs (50@)) UPC 10700-82522

    factory set case (15 sets) UPC 10700-82005 (not sure of this is for the white box or the colorful box)

    That’s a lot of different ways to pull cards. I’m curious if there are variations specific to wax vs blister vs cello vs rack.

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