1990 Fleer Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist

22 Jun

6a Dennis Eckersley Part of card number unfilled on back

6b Dennis Eckersley Card number correctly printed

15a Mark McGwire Errant blotch on pants on front

15b Mark McGwire Blotch airbrushed (still visible but edited)

162a Carmelo Martinez With accent mark over name on front

162b Carmelo Martinez Accent mark removed

175a Mike Devereaux Red stripes extend through “Did you know” section on back

175b Mike Devereaux Red stripes stop at “Did you know” section

324a Jim Gantner Bullet or period to right of position on front

324b Jim Gantner Bullet removed from front

353a Dave Martinez Yellow ’90 on front

353b Dave Martinez White ’90 on front

464a Jose Lind Pink name/position banner on front

464b Jose Lind Yellow name/position banner on front

607a Tracy Jones Pink name/position banner on front

607b Tracy Jones Pink name/position banner on front

617a Alan Trammell Double-die bat handle (print flaw found often enough to potentially justify it’s listing here?)

617b Alan Trammell correctly printed bat handle

621a George Brett ’80 10 .390 hitting seasons

621b George Brett ’80 10 .300 hitting seasons

623a Dale Murphy ’82 Card number outside of circle on back

623b Dale Murphy ’82 Card number printed within circle

624a Cal Ripken Jr. ’83 Spelled “Ripkin” on front

624b Cal Ripken Jr. ’83 Spelled correctly

629a Jose Canseco ’88 Reggie MVP in ’83, should be ’73

629b Jose Canseco ’88 Reggie MVP in ’73 – Canadian ONLY

630a Will Clark ’89 32 total bases on back

630b Will Clark ’89 321 total bases on back

653a Delino Deshields/Jason Grimsley PROS Bottom 1/2 of card blank on front

653b Delino Deshields/Jason Grimsley PROS Correctly printed card

660a Checklist Small type on front

660b Checklist Large type on front, missing wedge in banner on back

660c Checklist Large type on front, wedge in banner on back


1-12a Text printed close to name/banner on back*

1-12b Text printed away from name/banner on back*

*Up to 3 different versions of distance between for some cards*

Box Bottoms

1-28a White cardstock

1-28b Gray cardstock

Baseball MVPs

1-44a Black line above or below photo on front

1-44b Black line removed from front

28a Dale Murphy ’75 partially visible in stats on back

28b Dale Murphy ’75 fully printed in stats on back

3 Responses to “1990 Fleer Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist”

  1. Roger Grider June 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Are any of these hard to find excpet the Martinez with yellow?

    • Dylan June 22, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

      I’ve seen around 11 of the Martinez yellow variations and just one of the Deshields variation. Three each of the Tracy Jones and Jose Lind pink variations.

      Checklist 660 w/o wedge can be tough to locate.

  2. HYPERION March 24, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    This is an awesome sight, I came across this site by chance and that is because I was digging around my closet and decided to take out my 20 something boxes of cards, I stopped collecting back 91 the majority of my cards are from 1975 – 1991 I have one box of assorted late 90’s and 00’s cards but not many. I recently came across two of the 1990 fleer Dave Martinez yellow 90’s in my collection, I used to buy packs for 50 cent in 91 in the local candy store when collecting was fun unlike today and paying about 10 bucks for a pack!. I am looking to sell one of them I am interested to know how scarce this card is or how many were printed before I decide what to do because I don’t find much about this card anywhere and on ebay only one is up for sale and I think it is being sold way to low and since I can’t find anyone else who owns this card I am thinking this card can fetch a couple of hundreds especially since a card is worth whatever a collector is willing to pay for it if they want it badly 😉 I think this card is more rare then the Frank Thomas no name and that card is going for hundreds and there are many on ebay, so go figure.

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