Quick Look: 1990 Upper Deck #101-199 Copyright Variations

19 Jan

Although they are not listed individually in any major catalog, all cards in the #101 through #199 sequence found in Upper Deck’s sophomore issue can be found with or without the copyright line under the MLB logos on back.

Several key players and HOFers can be found in both varieties:


One Response to “Quick Look: 1990 Upper Deck #101-199 Copyright Variations”

  1. joe December 13, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    I have this card … but! it has 2 of the copyright printed on it … one on his face and the other on the stats… missing where 1 should be… also for a 1991 kevin appier card where they missed and one half on and half off the card… are these rare and or worth any money??

    I cant find any information on the internet!

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