Quick Look: 1991 Topps Robin Ventura #461 – 3 Different Variations

13 Jun

Well technically, it’s 6 different but we won’t get into back variations for this one. My favorite player of all-time is the focus of this ‘Quick Look,’ and also, it’s no coincidence that the card comes from the most error-packed issue in Topps’ history, the 1991 40th Anniversary set!

Rockin’ Robin’s card, #461, can be found in 3 different left border varieties: One, with a solid red left border. Two, with a red-with-gray overprinted left-hand border. Three, with a solid gray left border.

One Response to “Quick Look: 1991 Topps Robin Ventura #461 – 3 Different Variations”

  1. Ken Saldi January 6, 2017 at 7:33 am #

    There are even more variations on this one. Besides the side border, the top border ends on his hat in different spots. Also on both the grey and the black border, some of the red can be seen on the trophy. (I have all of these variations, if you want pictures.)

    The red version you have shown also has a problem around the trophy, while the only version I have, has no red bleeding onto the trophy.

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