Quick Look: 1991 Pacific Senior League Photo Variations

9 Jun

1989-1991 Senior League sets are all sorts of fun. Starting with the 1990 Pacific set, famous for containing the ‘little-sister’ to Bill Ripken’s Fleer card and one my all-time favorites: the Jim Nettles “A-Hole” card. Topps also made a great-looking set in 1990-91, a set that I am sure a variation or two must exist within. But 1991 Pacific is perhaps the strangest Senior League issue of all of them. Several of the cards in the set can be found in two different photo variations on front and to this day, there’s been little info recognizing them or explanation as to why the variations exist. Take a look:

One Response to “Quick Look: 1991 Pacific Senior League Photo Variations”

  1. Chris November 13, 2011 at 2:34 pm #

    i bought a sealed box of these for $5.00.

    i can explain the Dave Cash cards… one of them is #58 and the other is #80. you can see on the front of the card where one of them is mr. cash “in action”.

    i can’t explain the Amos Otis variant. i pulled the card on the right – #26

    as i opened packages, i waited to pull Graig Nettles – who is prominently featured on the box top in card form. now, from viewing a checklist, it turns out that Nettles isn’t even in the set at all.

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