1990 Topps George Bush USA seldom seen photo & article

4 Jun

One of the most unusual, fascinating and outright-scarce Topps cards produced is the 1990 Topps George H.W. Bush USA card. For the last several years, just a handful of copies have popped-up and they often sell for generous amounts of money. Rumors were all over the place as to this card’s origin and method of distribution since it started to show up in the annual catalogs.

Here is a great, albeit brief, article that I found in an old issue of Topps magazine from 1990. Click on the image to see the article in full:

Pretty cool stuff.

1. Check out that binder. 100 cards in there? There’s a possible $4000 on that first page alone!

2. I can’t help but wonder what condition they are in.

3. What do you think he did with it immediately after the photo was taken?

4. I wonder if he actually ever distributed the cards to people or if he just had his handlers send them as gifts, etc.

5. Where’s that binder today?


5 Responses to “1990 Topps George Bush USA seldom seen photo & article”

  1. Brian in New Orleans June 14, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    Not sure if this’ll ever get read but my father and I were huge collectors back then and I decided I had to have that card – so I wrote a letter to the White House. About six weeks later I got a typed response on WH stationary saying they were not aware of any such card (even though I included details) and an auto-penned 5×7. Still have the packet in a box somewhere.

    Still never found one.

    • Dylan July 12, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

      If you ever get around to scanning it, send me an email with it, I’d love to post it here. With credit to you, of course!

      • Daniel Cook June 7, 2018 at 7:33 pm #

        My name is Daniel Cook I found the first George Bush baseball card in November of 1989 out of a wax pack. A wholesaler that sold cards to my store brought in a full box of 1990 Topps and sold them to me. I later reached into the box and pulled a pack from the middle of the box which included the Bush card. I was offered a quarter for the card by a customer, but declined telling him he could pull one from a pack when the cards came out in 1990. I didn’t want to cheat him out of a quarter. I later pinned the card in a plastic sleeve onto our bulletin board where it stayed for about a month. The card was later thrown into a box of cards and set in the back of the shop.
        An article came out in USA Today asking what would this card be worth if you coulld buy one. When I called Topps telling them I found one they hung up on me. I called back and told the lady that the card had USA 1 on the back, she asked for my name and phone number. Over the course of the next few weeks my partner and I were interviewed on radio stations all over the U.S. and eventually we were sued by Topps and a customer who said my partner had agreed to sell him the card for $1.00. The courts took the card until the case was resolved which took ten years. I sold my half of the card to my partner Lee Hull and he now has the card.


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