Another bat handle obscenity? Take a look at 1990 Score #670

12 Dec

Though I’m not the first to notice it, I find it odd that this card has received such little attention over the years. The card in question, #370 in the 1990 Score baseball set depicting Chicago Cubs 1st round draft pick, Earl Cunningham, has a very obviously doctored bat handle. 1988-1990 Score cards had a specific way of covering up unwanted items that looks almost computer-generated:

1990 Score is a set I haven’t spent too much time with. Sure it’s chock full of well-known, well-documented error cards, and since it’s, well, a Score issue, I’ve never really felt much of an urge to thoroughly investigate it which is why I’ve only come across 5 copies of this card and to be quite honest, when I come across boxes of 1990 Score, I often forget to check this card. My own research into the existence of a “full vulgarity” version is very limited as of this writing but maybe after a while, we can reveal just what major offense Score edited off of Earl’s bat or simply conclude that an unedited version never met the poly packaging. Until then, it’s a pretty cool oddity that’s worth pulling aside.

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